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4 Body Oils Guaranteed To Winter-Proof Your Skin

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4 Body Oils Guaranteed To Winter-Proof Your Skin

Oh, our sweet, lovely readers. What do you know of dryness? Dryness is for the winter, when the bank accounts fall a hundred feet deep (into debt). Dryness is for the long working day, when the sun is nowhere to be seen by 3PM and lips crack and foundation flake off faces, all in darkness. That is the time for dryness, our lovely readers.

Alright, we admit we’re being a little melodramatic. Winter’s not that bad. There’s Christmas, soft fluffy jumpers, and mulled wine…thank God for mulled wine. And for all parched creatures like us, there are body oils. In other words, beauty’s liquid gold – that, as we have discovered, is a miracle remedy for almost all our winter skin ails, from hydrating baths to saving almost-unsavably-dry skin.

In our humble opinion, one may never have too many body oils – but of course, as we said, our bank accounts only go so deep. So here are 4 best body oils you need to invest in this winter:

Best for busy go-getters: Elemental Herbology Wood Rejuvenation Bath & Body Oil

Reviewed by: Elsie Rutterford

Elemental Herbology collection is based on matching your skin type to the earth’s elements (clue’s in the name, right?) which is an interesting idea indeed. They insist that the Workaholic is in need of the Wood element and promise that their Wood bath & body oil will refresh active bodies instantly. Sounds right up my street – I grabbed it off the beauty shelf pronto.

As much as I love my natural skincare, I’ve always been little dubious of body oils as I never really know when to apply them. Before clothes, and I stick to my jeans. Before bed,  and I stick to my sheets. Yet I was hugely impressed with how light this one is. Its base of caprylic/capric triglyceride (basically a mix of coconut oil and glycerin), peach kernel and sweet almond oils mean it’s pretty much clear and absorbs almost instantly.

It leaves skin super soft but honestly doesn’t feel as if you’ve applied an oil at all: it’s more like a water-based serum. Wood promises to invigorate and rejuvenate with lemongrass, rosemary and nutmeg. It certainly does feel like it perks up tired muscles but the lemongrass is a little overpowering at times. All in all, an ultra-light and highly effective body oil – I’m sold! And this is coming from a (now ex-)body oil sceptic.

Elemental Herbology Wood Rejuvenation Bath & Body Oil, £28, elementalherbology.com

Best for nourishment: Bloom and Blossom Anti Stretch Mark Oil

Reviewed by: Jennie Lim

Not many might know this, but I undergo an amazing transformation every winter. My skin dries out and crumples up like a prune in the desert sun. After that it begins to snow – flakes of dry skin, that is (gross, I know). Come December, I’m in my final form: a scaly, grey-skinned in a Christmas jumper, not far from the nightmares of every 5-year-old child ever.

Okay, okay, I exaggerate – but I’m sure it’s painted a pretty vivid picture of how dry my skin is. What’s more, it’s sensitive, so I’m always scratching away to no end wherever I am. You can imagine my delight when I finally experienced my first whole week of relief from irritated winter skin – all thanks to Bloom & Blossom’s body oil.

Although originally designed for stretch marks, it’s packed with highly nourishing ingredients like apricot kernel oil and argan kernel oil, well-known for their extremely hydrating and rejuvenating properties. Music to my ears – and to my skin, which is now happily snug in a wool jumper, dreaming of all the Christmas jumpers I can now rock without having to scratch myself to pieces.

It’s a perfect buy for anyone and everyone – dry skin, stretch marks, mature skin, you name it.

Bloom & Blossom Anti Stretch Mark Oil, £24, bloomandblossom.com

Best for baths and beyond: Bramley Soothing Bath, Body & Shower Oil

Bramley Bath Oil Body Oil Shower Oil with Chamomile

Reviewed by: Giulia Greco

I love this oil. Actually, in this case, perhaps love is not strong enough of an expression — I adored it? I worship it? It’s perfect. It’s all my favourite things in one: chamomile, lavender, and oil! I grew up using a lot of oils both in the shower and out, so it was great to get an all-in-one product that I could just go back to again and again. This one was particular nostalgic because it made me go down memory lane of all my grandma’s various oil concoctions.

The smell is divine and so relaxing. It soothes your mind and body after a long day and wakes you up in a gentle way in the morning (because of the presence of lavender it acts as a relaxer but also as a stimulator). I tried to use it in different ways — as a massage oil/moisturiser on my body after a shower, in my hair, in the shower/bath. It left my skin instantly nourished and non-greasy/sticky, which is amazing for an oil.

I am always looking forward to showering and to be using this godly oil. I would strongly recommend. That is all.

Bramley Soothing Bath, Body and Shower Oil, £20, bramleyproducts.co.uk

Best for uplifting your mood: Neom Organics Energy Burst Face, Body and Hair Oil

Reviewed by: Dominika Minarovic

It’s all in the name. This oil from Neom definitely lives up to its label as a great multi-purpose oil that felt great on my face, hair and body. The scent makes the product a fantastic pick-me-up at the beginning of the day, with fragrant notes of citrus that help to re-energise you and ready you for meetings aplenty.

Although it wasn’t hydrating enough for my face, it was a sure treat for the rest of me – and my man! I especially loved it as a nourishing pre-hair-wash treatment (where I’d slather the oil all over the ends, leave for about 5 minutes before rinsing) and for easy hydration after my shower while my skin is still saturated with water. It wasn’t too greasy and absorbed quickly – making it perfect for anyone first venturing into the realm of body oils.

Neom Energy Burst Face, Body and Hair Oil, £32, neomorganics.co.uk

Got the whole body thing down but face looking a little more parched than you’d like? Baby, we got you: we’ve listed out our favourite winter facial oils of 2017 right here.

– Jennie Lim

4 Body Oils Guaranteed To Winter-Proof Your Skin