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As the weather begins to turn, albeit it very slowly (we’re still wearing our Birkenstocks in October – that is not normal), our skin turns with it and we kiss the last of our fresh, tanned glow goodbye. Here we share the brands to invest in to combat dry and grey winter skin and ensure you postpone your healthy summer sheen, all year long.

Luck Cloud Skincare – Lavender and Rose Geranium Body Balm and Body Milk
Lucky Cloud Skincare is one of those brands that checks pretty much all of the boxes on the list: vegan? Check? Natural? Check. Quality ingredients? Check. Small batch made with love and care? Check. We jumped at the chance recently to test out their Body Milk and Body Balm, particularly as founder Lucy created the line especially for her dry skin conditions and eczema, so we were certain they’d be gentle enough for our sensitive skin transitioning into winter.

First up was the Lavender and Rose Geranium Body Balm. A super light balm made up of a combo of sweet almond and evening primrose oils and shea and cocoa butters. This makes for a super absorbable yet creamy texture; you’d assume that it’d be a lot heavier with the inclusion of the butters but luckily both oils are light enough that the cream goes on as a thin layer on top of the skin, protecting from harsh and cold winds.

We are massive fans of a good lavender and geranium combination and this doesn’t disappoint; a subtle floral scent and not at all overpowering as lavender can sometimes be.

The Body Milk is also lovely to use and incredibly versatile. The combination of carrier oils that make up this milk include thistle, oat and olive – all very moisturising but again gentle enough to use on all skin types. Lucy’s suggestion to use on wet skin straight from the shower is genius as your pores are open and so absorb the wonderful moisturising qualities of this milk quickly.

Overall, Lucky Cloud is a really great small batch brand – perfect if you’re looking for light and gentle blame that pack a hydrating punch! We can’t wait to see how the line develops, particularly from a new scent point of view.

Pai – Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream
You don’t have to be a natural beauty expert to have heard about Pai Skincare. This truly British brand have firmly set their place in the mainstream beauty world and they totally deserve their cult status; their products are fab.

We tried their Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream in a hope that it would help to combat the breakouts we experience from general life in the Big Smoke; tube and bus travel as well as cycling a lot mean that we are constantly being exposed to the city’s harsh elements, as well as quickly heating up (the central line is HOTTER THAN THE SUN) the cooling down means we can be privy to the occasional spot or breakout, so we’re always on the lookout for something that will help to calm and balance skin. As we move into the winter months, it becomes harder to find something that fits the bill but also provides our skin with the moisture it needs to adjust to the cooler weather.

Enter Pai’s Geranium & Thistle Rebalancing Day Cream. High levels of Thistle, Geranium and Jojoba all work together to rebalance the skin’s oil (in fact, the latter is the closest to the structure of your skin’s natural sebum levels, which controls oil production and acne). But the genius here is that it also contains Borage and Vitamin E – both perfect for hydrating and moisturising. The skin isn’t dried or stripped but this nifty cream gets to work on any areas of blemishes. Perfect!

The textures is interesting – much lighter than an average moisturiser and, although it contains geranium, it smells a little odd. But we happily look passed that as it really does work on balancing and normalising problem skin.

Skin & Tonic – Calm Clean Cleanser
London based Skin & Tonic are another natural brand taking the beauty world by storm. We have a little stash of their Naked Beauty Oil ready for when it gets really cold and our skin is in desperate need for a super-moisture injection.

The guys at S&T promise this stuff will ‘remove dirt and impurities and calm your mood’ and we couldn’t agree more! The light fragrance of both the Chamomile and Jasmine is divine – light yet floral and perfect to calm stressed heads after a long day. The cleanser is also packed full of Beeswax and Sunflower/Grape seed oils – all incredibly high in essential fatty acids that help to hydrate as well providing a protective film on the skin to avoid damage from harsh elements. The addition of Carrot Root extract also adds a Vitamin kick, particularly vitamins A and C which will help to brighten as your skin greys with the skies.

Overall, the perfect bathroom shelf essential to use on skin as a gentle cleanser or overnight treatment – the balm like texture is almost like a moisturiser in itself. When using as a cleanser, be sure to follow with w gentle toner to remove any residue before you head out for the day. Thumbs up from us!

– Elsie Rutterford & Dominika Minarovic