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How To Hide Hangover Face 101

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How To Hide Hangover Face 101

Funnily enough, December seems to drive all of us a little bit crazy. Come the 1st, what is usually a sensible, work-appropriate wardrobe is transformed into one bursting full of clashing colours, pom-poms on knits and lots of glitter. Our normally healthy, balanced(ish) diet suddenly becomes an insanely indulgent one: think gorging on one too many Curly-Wurlies at the work Christmas party and endless glasses of Cava Brut. And prosecco. And Pinot. And maybe a few shots of tequila…

One thing we all seem to forget, however, is that ‘work’ and ‘alcohol’ don’t really mix. Before you know it, it’s 7AM on a Thursday morning and you’re lying in bed with a throbbing headache seriously contemplating calling in sick so you can just not move for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, our skin is also starting a riot of its own. Dark circles and fine lines make their mark, while whatever radiance and colour we previously had is nowhere to be found. Not to mention those glaring red promises of spots to come (oh God).

It’s not a pretty sight, but hallelujah for there is hope (insert angelic choir here). For those whose work plate is way too full for a day off, or those who’ve already promised their BFF a catch-up brunch, you need to try these five fail-proof solutions to hide your hangover face (and whatever happened the night before…)

Hydration, hydration

Alcohol is extremely dehydrating for your body and, unsurprisingly, for your skin too. To get your festive glow back in check, you need to replenish all that lost moisture pronto. Cleanse your skin of the night before with a nourishing cleanser, and follow it up with a nourishing, hyaluronic-acid-packed serum.

Gel is key

…especially if your face is looking puffy af. Gels are a quick and easy way to cool overheated skin and calm any redness and irritation. Aloe vera gel is perfect for the job – and apparently so is the gel of prickly pear (a.k.a. Mexican cactus), according our resident American Selena Arroyo, which you can harvest by slicing one in half and scooping out the insides.

However, in case you don’t have a personal greenhouse hanging around, you could also spritz some rosewater – which is anti-inflammatory – on cotton pads, cool them in the fridge and place them on your eyes for 5-10 minutes.

Blast it off

In an ideal world, we’d all be uber healthy people and regular 6AM-gym-hitters. All we’d have to do is hop out for a short run or a brisk walk and we’d return totally refreshed. Getting your circulation going is the perfect way to boost lymphatic drainage (read: depuffing faces) and send blood (and nutrients) straight to your skin.

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Sadly, this isn’t true for us: you won’t see us clambering out of bed for anything anytime soon – especially not in hangover mode. Thankfully, science has now revealed that we can imitate exercise’s circulation-triggering effects in the humble shower. Simply hop in and blast yourself with hot and cold water, alternating between the two, to get your body’s natural circulation up and running.

Conceal, don’t feel

– don’t let them knowww, just rock that glowww! Ever wondered how that girl from PR goes out every other night and yet still turns up to work fresh-faced every single time? Chances are, it’s all just a swipe of great foundation and some strategic dabs of concealer. Start with a light, natural base before honing in on under-eyes and around your nose and mouth. The thin, delicate skin in these areas are massive tell-tales of a hangover – covering any redness in these areas will give the illusion of a full night’s sleep!

Inside out

Alcohol is a real robber of essential vitamins and nutrients our skin relies on to look and feel great. Although patting on our favourite serums and face masks is a great way to replenish this, the most effective way is to put these skin foods right back where they belong – inside our bodies.

Beauty-specific health supplements are perfect for this. If you’re a little strapped for cash however, royal jelly capsules are a personal fave that’s definitely worth having around.

– Jennie Lim

How To Hide Hangover Face 101