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4 Vegan (And Natural!) Beauty Brands You Haven’t Heard Of

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4 Vegan (And Natural!) Beauty Brands You Haven't Heard Of

We’ve been big supporters of cruelty-free beauty right from the start here at CBCO. From our shopping choices to our own sister beauty brand, going for animal-friendly options have always been high on our list of must-haves in a great product and, frankly, we don’t see that changing any time soon. With big mainstream names jumping on board with the vegan movement, however, it’s a real struggle to find the right balance between the natural and the vegan in our beauty routine. Plenty of brands out there now bear the cruelty-free badge, but sadly not all of them are vegan and even less are also natural.

Nevertheless, as with most things in life, we’d rather not have to choose – who doesn’t want to have their cake and eat it, after all? So we decided to dig deep, research and scour (by this, we really mean intense Googling) the market for the best vegan and natural beauty brands available – to a success, thank God!

Read on for the full lowdown on the names you need to start adding to your basket…


An Australian-owned brand and a cult favourite when it comes to organic and vegan makeup, the founders of INIKA first started their journey into a clean lifestyle by removing chemicals from their homes and diets. They made the plunge into makeup when they realised there weren’t any “healthier” options when it came to cosmetics…and decided to change it. Big props to them!

Not only are they certified cruelty-free, they’re also one of the few brands that are also certified vegan and organic. Their products are free from talc, bismuth oxychloride, GM ingredients, parabens, preservatives and fragrances, which is music to our ears. Makeup-lovers will find themselves duly spoilt by this brand: they have a variety of products such as loose mineral foundations, liquid foundations, BB creams, baked illuminators, lipsticks, lip glosses and many more!


Hush + Dotti

HUSH + DOTTI is a self-proclaimed “fun, sassy, and hip” clean beauty brand. It was founded by Dina Altieri and her hubbie Stef Serafin. Altieri was a makeup artist of over two decades in NYC and her beau, a former fashion executive and a restaurateur from Laguna Beach, California
Altieri learned that her clients were beginning to question her regarding ingredients in her make-up and frankly, she was embarrassed by the ingredients used in the products she used.

She then decided to switch to clean skincare and makeup, but soon struggled with finding products that were not only clean but also high performance, effective, well pigmented and suitable for pro makeup use. Naturally, in true MUA spirit, she decided to create her own! The ingredients used in both her skin care and makeup products are clean, organic, gluten-free and vegan – an absolute champion line-up.


Emani Cosmetics

EMANI was born from, and inspired by, founder Michelle Doan’s journey with cystic acne and sensitive skin. She tried out a variety of treatments as well as makeup to conceal her problematic skin, but her acne worsened. Because of this, she decided to come out with a clean, vegan and gluten-free makeup line that works effectively for “even the most discriminating skin types”.

Michelle makes it a point to keep their products free from potential skin irritants and harmful ingredients such as petrochemicals, nano-particles, artificial dyes, parabens, or fillers. Not only that, but Emani carry an extensive range of fabulous makeup products to suit every need, including blushers, foundations, concealers – as well as double-sided bronzers that have both a matte and shimmer side. Win!


Au Naturale

Founder of Au Naturale, Ashley Prange, has quite an interesting story. Prange was a nuclear analyst (total boss lady!) in D.C. when she made the decision to create makeup that would leave her skin as healthy and happy as it is without. She also wanted makeup that didn’t cause breakouts and irritation, so she decided to formulate her own by using a coffee grinder as a mineral mixer!

Au Naturale is all about transparency and change in the cosmetic industry. Now her well-loved beauty brand has a great reputation for not only using naturally-sourced, ethical ingredients that are healthy for skin, but also for priding themselves in their clean, organic and vegan ethos. We approve!


– Selena Arroyo

Title image taken by Blushing Wit.

4 Vegan (And Natural!) Beauty Brands You Haven't Heard Of