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4 Firework-Inspired Looks to Flaunt This Bonfire Night

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4 Firework-Inspired Looks to Flaunt This Bonfire Night

We’re all about sustainability and reusing leftovers creatively here at Clean Beauty Collection – and we bet that you have loads of glitter and face paint left behind from the Halloween weekend. Good news, then: Bonfire Night is literally just around the corner (i.e. hours away), and what better excuse do you need than an annual holiday for exploding lights to go all out on your look?

Here are five of our favourite firework-inspired looks to try out this Guy Fawkes Night:

Glittery Browliner

If you want to do something creative but don’t have the time to do a complete look, adding glitter under your brow is a simple way to take you from basic to fab!

Apply a little balm, which acts as a glue for the glitter, under your brow – using a brush gives you more precision. Next, take your favourite glitter and gently pat it over the area to complete. You can also add some under your lower eyelid for a colourful pop!

Glitter Hair Side-light

This next look is one of our favourite trends – it gives off total Lana Del Rey vibes! Part your hair in the middle, a fine-toothed comb to add gel to one side, tucking your hair behind your ear. To make it more firework-like and fun, apply chunky glitter over it to make the look pop even more.

Rose + Gold Cut Crease

For all the glam babes out there, this look is for you! To start off, you add your favourite eye primer to keep everything in place. Then, add a subtle transition shade that acts as a base for your look. Next, apply a bright pink brush using a medium sized crease brush and drag it across your eye socket. After its all nicely blended, apply babe balm across the crease of your eyelids, followed by some glitter! Add some falsies for a finished look.  

Starry Night Freckles

For those of you who prefer simplicity, why not try this cute look on for size? Start with a simple base of foundation and natural blush. Then using a fine brush, place little dots of gold metallic paint across your nose and the tops of your cheeks. We say – keep it random to keep the pattern looking natural! Lastly, slick on some light shimmery pink lip balm to draw more attention to your starry look.

– Selena Arroyo

4 Firework-Inspired Looks to Flaunt This Bonfire Night