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4 Christmas Party Looks You Can Do In Minutes

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4 Christmas Party Looks You Can Do In Minutes

Attention please: it’s officially December! At long last, Christmas party season is upon us, which means ’tis the season for gorgeous glittery dresses, Michael Bublé on repeat, and wine – lots and lots of wine. Picking the perfect outfit is already hard enough, and (if you’re anything like us), then you’ll probably have no idea what to do with your face either. Thankfully, we had plenty of time this week to do a little digging and put together a list of super quick, super easy top festive looks that you can do with your eyes closed (not literally of course).

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The Classic Red

A bright red lip worn with fresh-faced skin is the easiest and classiest way to look festive and elegant in seconds.

Achieve this in seconds with a sweep of bright Santa red – we love Strike It Up from ILIA. Use the sharp edge of the lipstick to draw an X in the middle of your lips, following your cupid’s bow, and then fill in.

Glitter Eyes

Because, why the hell not? Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without sparkles and glitter. For this holiday party season try glowing all the way with shimmery eyes that are sure to capture the attention of everyone and anyone!

Get this festive look with BYBI Babe Balm + a little biodegradable glitter. Apply a generous amount of Babe Balm to the desired area you wanna blitz up and use a soft brush to tap on all the sparkles! Warning: this process may be super messy…but who doesn’t love glitter anyway?

Bronzer Is Golden

Gold is key! Feel ready for the holiday party season with a fresh, glowed up face – who says bronzed skin is only for the summer?

For this, you’ll need a glittery gold eyeshadow and a darker brown eyeshadow – we can’t get enough of INIKA’s Day to Night eye palette at the moment! Apply the shimmery gold on your high cheekbones, bridge and tip of the nose and a bit on the cupid’s bow. Use the darker brown shade to contour the hollows of your cheeks, around your forehead and jawline.

Then go to town with a golden eye – load your brush and follow your eyelid all the way across and for a bolder look pull the colour upwards, closer to your eyebrows.

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Such a staple and never a let down. For the all-nighter party babe with an edgy look.

We love to use these eyeshadows from Kjaer Weis – they’re not too pigmented so you could even use your fingertips to apply and blend if you’re in a rush. Apply a brown-mauve shade all over your eyes and then a smoky grey on top. Finish with a good sweep of mascara to really make your eyes pop!

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– Giulia Greco + Jennie Lim

4 Christmas Party Looks You Can Do In Minutes