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3 Oils You Should Avoid Cleansing With

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3 Oils You Should Avoid Cleansing With

You’re probably quite surprised at the title, considering how often we’ve raved about the benefits of oils and oil cleansing. However, just as products are split according to function, certain oils work better for certain complexions than others. We’ve heard and read our fair share of stories of people jumping on the oil cleansing bandwagon with vigour, only to leave with aggravated skin and severe disappointment. Truth is, it’s not that oil cleansing wasn’t for them – they were simply using the wrong oil for their skin!

Oils contain fatty acids, which in certain amounts can clog your pores and even encourage cystic acne. Okay, we know this sounds pretty scary, but it doesn’t mean that you should avoid oils forever! Oils are still one of the best ways to deliver and lock in moisture and nutrients, while helping to balance oil production and control acne.

Confused? Don’t worry – we’ll walk you through it. Read on to find out the 3 oils you should avoid cleansing with:

Coconut oil

Albeit being arguably famous as a ‘flag bearer’ for natural beauty, coconut oil is much better kept on your body and away from your face as it’s highly comedogenic (pore-clogging), especially when used on oilier skin types. It may work well for those with drier skin, but we say: better safe than sorry!

Avocado oil

Avocado oil is rich in “oleic” fatty acids. Like coconut oil, it’s a dark oil, making it highly dense, likely to block pores and irritate acne-prone skin. Acne suffers with drier skin may find it helpful, but personally we can think of other oils that would treat us better. Swiping right on this one.

Cocoa butter

Yes, even cocoa butter. This ingredient is a popular one in the world of DIY beauty, but while it can be incredibly moisturising and nourishing for your body, its high density translates to – that’s right – clogged pores, breakouts and just general nightmares when applied on the delicate skin of your face.

– Jennie Lim

3 Oils You Should Avoid Cleansing With