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The Beauty Trends That Will Take Over 2018


You’ve got to admit, 2017 brought some pretty exciting stuff for beauty. Selfcare got seriously massive and bespoke skincare became the norm. Rihanna made her first foray into makeup. Plus, we launched our own high-performance (and totally kickass) natural and vegan skincare line. All in all, it seems hard to top if you ask us.

However, you’ll be glad to know things are set to really ramp up in 2018. From adaptive skincare to AI, beauty is only getting better and more accommodating of modern lifestyles. Think: anti-pollution products with free-radical-blocking ingredients.

Curious what the other trends are? Well, you’re in luck – we’ve collected all the whispers from industry experts and created a list of what to watch for in the world of beauty this year. Read on for more!

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Multipurpose skincare

Gone are the days of a flooded vanity: 2018 is all about simplicity and versatility. We know you love your 10-step Korean skincare routines (I sure as hell do), but why invest in 10 when you could have just 3-4 and the same glowy results? Modern R&D plus latest high-tech formulations translate to seamlessly multipurpose products that shorten hefty routines and save money. Boom.


Welcome to the crew! This year sees physical wellbeing ruling as king, with consumers now smarter than ever, more aware of the impact of certain ingredients on their skin and more concerned about the ethics behind the products they buy. This means clean beauty is due to be a big hit, with brands like Goop, Tata Harper and – dare we say – our own BYBI championing the cause.


Adaptogens are unique healing plants that reduce and balance the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, in our body. In other words, expect major relief and rejuvenation for your skin when you apply it. Many brands such as Romilly Wilde are already rolling out hero products with adaptogens in it and we can’t wait to see how it transforms traditional skincare.

Lifestyle-based beauty

Turns out the introduction of anti-pollution skincare last year was just the beginning. In 2018, rhythmic skincare tailored to our hormone cycle, natural circadian rhythm and more will take over. Brands are realising the importance of products made bespoke to different lifestyles, and as a thirst for health and wellness leads the crowd, specialist names such as Amareta – who makes skincare for all stages of the menstrual cycle – will undoubtedly be extremely popular.

– Jennie Lim