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10 Questions with Kara of Eden Organics

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10 Questions with Kara of Eden Organics

We love a good inspirational story here at CBCO, and the story behind Eden Organic is just that. To say that founder Claire and creative director Kara have been through a lot is surely an understatement, and yet it is only through these experiences that they were brought together to create a company that’s so beautifully simple, stylish and transparent to give back to the community.

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Kara and get her two cents on natural beauty and more! Read on to hear more about her story…

Describe Eden Organic in three words.

Select. Organic. Living.

What attracted you to natural beauty?

When I became a mum I learned to really love my body, which was far from the reality I had lived with in my teens. However, I also began to question what I put into my body. It was nurturing my children that caused me to re-think what we eat and the products I use: suddenly good wasn’t good enough.

I have always been health and beauty conscious, but in 2015 I met my beautiful friend, Claire Bourne, and she became like a spotlight for me on all things natural and organic. Being friends with her accelerated my process and journey towards all things natural.

Where do you go for inspiration?

It sounds a little corny, but I just look at my daughter. When I look at her, she is perfect to me. I wouldn’t change a thing and I wouldn’t want her to change a thing. I try and take that feeling and put it back toward myself. So when I do approach beauty, I am not coming from the angle of “What should I change?” but rather: “How do I best look after myself and what will enhance what is already beautiful?”

Studying other cultures and how they define beauty, what they carry in terms of cultural traditions and recipes fascinates me. My mother’s side of the family is from the Caribbean so my Grandmother acts like a wealth of knowledge in terms of natural beauty. I’m always looking for what I can glean and apply.

Name your favourite hero product of the moment.

Antipodes Divine Face Oil – it was love at first use! It honestly feels like this product has changed my life!

I had quite a lot of scarring on my face, around my hairline from spots and a little bit of uneven pigmentation on my cheeks as a result of my pregnancies. This facial oil has dramatically reduced my scarring, cleared the pigmentation and in general improved my skin tone, moisture level and natural glow. Just one of those products I can’t imagine living without.

Go-to DIY beauty recipe?

A homemade body scrub! I use a mixture of coconut oil, ground coffee and brown sugar. This works wonders on dry skin prior to showering.

Best beauty tip or trick?

Start and finish your day with hot water and lemon. This helps flush the digestive system, fight damage caused by free radicals that may be in your body and it rehydrates you. It is also a brilliant dose of extra Vitamin C. Vitamin C aids the production of collagen which as we all know makes for smooth, line free skin. I find drinking this every morning keeps my skin clean and clear and plump looking.

Favourite natural ingredient of all time?

I would have to say Coconut Oil, you can use it for just about anything!

What was the inspiration behind starting Eden Organic?

That was all Claire! Before she became a wife and mum, she spent 10 years working in the pharmaceutical and surgical industry. Although she had a wonderful experience in the industry, there were some key things regarding our reliance on prescribed medicine that made her feel discontented.

She then had a near-death experience in 2009 after suffering a bad reaction to a vaccine. She lost her vision (temporarily, thank God!) and couldn’t walk or talk. It took handfuls of pills each day to keep her alive, and around a year to learn how to walk and talk properly again.

As she healed, however, she developed a passion for learning about everything to do with living a brilliantly healthy and joyful life. She also reconnected with my faith in a real and practical way. It was around this time that she became determined to find a way to bring health and wholeness to others in an easy, unbiased & professional way. And that is how the Eden Organic dream was born.

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As for my part – I love all things beautiful! I am a creative through and through. And, for a long time it seemed that organic and chic just didn’t go together, that healthy living somehow couldn’t be stylish…and that just wasn’t me!

I wanted to create a brand that not only carries great products, but is also visually excellent and authentic in their values. And Eden Organic is just that.

Where do you envision Eden Organic going in the future?

We have huge dreams, one of them would definitely be having our own range of products! I think I am also passionate about being a brand known for excellence in creativity as well as knowledge. I want to see Eden Organic become a “go to” brand, empowering people and helping them make informed choices that will enrich their life in a wholistic way. I also love collaboration! Which is why chatting to you ladies has been amazing, because we are all championing the same cause and I only want to see Eden Organic doing more of that.

Finally: eyes or lips?

Eyes! They are my favourite thing to “make up”, and also the eyes are the window of the soul, so they really do tell you so much. I feel like the way you make up your eyes can communicate a lot.

– As told to Jennie Lim

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10 Questions with Kara of Eden Organics